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Never walk into the courtroom alone

Have you been charged with

a DUI?

Do you feel as though you have been wrongly charged?

Regardless of your feelings or involvement in the charges that have been handed down to you, there should never be any reason for you to walk into the courtroom on your own. Have an experienced attorney by your side.


You have rights and you need to understand them. Allow our attentive team to help you through every step of the process.


You may be able to plea your charge down or get it dismissed completely. After we take a look at your situation, we will provide you with honest answers.

There are many things that can happen during a DUI arrest that can cause your case to be completely erased from your record. If you feel as though any of these things have happened, let us know.


• Illegal stops                                 • Technical problems

• Never informed of rights          • Insufficient evidence

• Improper testing

Trust in over 35 years of experience practicing law

to help you understand your situation and know your rights.


Don't let the legal terms get you all turned around. Let us help you sort it out.


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